Important Immediate Social Media Blitz!

Kerri Rivera is the author of "Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism" ( debunked here ), a horrific book which spawned a movement and cult that purports to "cure" autism by feeding autistic children chlorine dioxide (bleach sold under the names MMS , CDS or CDH) bathing them daily in this bleach and forcing it into their rectums several times per day.

Suddenly, yesterday, she pulled down all her various websites, her email, her facebook presence and more, leaving her followers dazed and confused. Below is the facebook post from the I Don't Need A Cure Austism Flashblog facebook site breaking the story. Its going viral

In an interesting development, as of a few hours ago, the High Priestess of the CD MMS Bleacher cult, Kerri Rivera,...
Posted by I Don't Need A Cure Autism Flash Blog on Monday, 1 June 2015

Its not a coincidence that this has all happened just days after the first major conviction of a person in the United States for selling MMS

Seems like Kerri's running scared

So here's how we use Ms Rivera's sudden act of going into hiding to help "OUT" the curist bleach cult to the rest of society, and hopefully, finally, eliminate this practice of feeding bleach to autistic children to "cure" them.

We're going to play a game.


Go to our Tumblr feed to download this photo ( or download it from here if you can) 

Then post it, add location and tag #WheresKerri #lifesableach in your social media platforms! Be creative with your location tagging. After all, she could be anywhere!

Hints for Google Plus:

  • Go to your Google Plus profile. 
  • Upload the #WheresKerri pic as a photo post
  • Tag with #WheresKerri #Lifesableach #idontneedacure #hearus and whatever other tags you like
  • Post
  • Click on your photo post after its published. In the right sidebar you'll see "photo details". Click on that. 
  • Add a location. (I searched "Waldo" and added Waldo Florida USA for the #HearUs post). Be creative with location choices!
  • after you add location, scroll down and add a photo comment referencing the location ( I wrote "Is she in Waldo?")

All done! Share with friends and reshare theirs!

Hints for Twitter:

  • Go to your twitter feed
  • Upload the #WheresKerri photo
  • Add location. Be creative
  • Type in the hashtags #WheresKerri #lifesableach #idontneedacure #hearus and whatever other tags you'd like, then " Is she in (name of location you added)?" and tweet! For the #HearUs tweet I tagged Vatican City 

Hints for Facebook:

  • Upload the #WheresKerri pic as a photo post
  • Add location, be creative. I choose Waldo Florida (as I did for Google+)
  • Type #lifesableach #whereskerri is she in (add location you chose)? add any other text you like.
  • Post away! Here's the one from I Don't Need A Cure Autism Flashblog 

Share this post with anyone Autism Positive, Anti-Curist , or Anti-Child Abuse so they can join in the campaign!

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